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Vertical Solutions

Panel track photo 01.jpg

Don't settle for a blind that pulls down over a door that opens horizontally!


The most common solution for a patio door is a 3.5" PVC vertical blind. Maxxmar offers a wide range of slats and colors at a variety of price points. But on a per-square foot basis, these are definitely the most cost-effective products we offer!

If you are buying roller shades for the other windows, or you want a semi-premium solution for your patio door, then panel track shades are the way to go. Any roller fabric can be used to produce a panel track shade. The multiple overlapping panels (2-5) cascade to the left or right, exposing the majority of the opening to natural light.

Panel track photo 05.jpg
Sheer vertical image.jpg
Sheer vertical image.jpg

Maxxmar's premium option for patio doors is Eleganza vertical sheer shades. They look very similar to our horizontal sheer shades, but move sideways on a track, like the panel track shades. This is truly the most beautiful solution for covering a door.

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