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Banded Shades 


Most beautiful



Best light control

Maxxmar's flagship product! Produced with many of the same high-quality fabrics as our sheer shades, banded shades are offer a fresh take on the sheer shade. Instead of opaque vanes in between two sheer panels of fabric, the banded shade is made of one continuous piece of fabric that alternates between sheer and opaque segments.


As you operate the shade, the sheer and opaque segments pass by eachother. You can stop the shade in any position, which allows you to create a number of attractive patterns. Of course, this also gives you full control over light blockage and privacy.

Their design makes them less suceptible to damage from children and pets than traditional sheer shades, yet they are just as attractive. Not only that, they can be as affordable as almost any other type of blind/shade. A lower-cost budget line is also available.

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