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Couriers! This blog post is for you.

Are you delivering a large package to my home business? If it's a long box addressed to Blinds By DB, or if it is from one of the following places:

  • Alta Window Fashions

  • Maxxmar Window Fashions

  • Hunter Douglas

  • Altex Window Fashions

  • Springs Window Fashions

  • Shade-o-Matic

....then this is a delivery for my business. These should be marked with "place in garage" right in the address line, but in case they are not, these are our delivery instructions:

  1. Walk up the driveway to the short gate connecting the garage and the house

  2. Open the gate in order to access the garage door

  3. Deliver the package to the garage, parallel to the rest of the boxes (there will always be a few boxes present to show you how it's done)

  4. If you have many boxes to deliver, feel free to use the opener for the large door, for easier back-and-forth access (just close it when you're done)

  5. Whenever possible, please keep today's delivery together in one or two stacks (start a new stack unless you cannot). If there's a sticker on the end, leave it pointing outwards so that it can be read.

  6. Close the gate when you leave

The garage door and light switches are just inside the door if you need them:

It is very important that these directions are followed because I am often away for a few days at a time, during which deliveries arrive, and if one courier puts a box where it doesn't belong, the next one tends to follow their lead. Please set a good example!

I will always do my best to have the existing boxes fill the far side of the garage so that you can easily place today's delivery.

If I am home, and I notice you arriving, I will open the garage door for you to make delivery easier on you.

If it's winter, I will always have the path to the garage door cleared for you.

Please do not deliver boxes on the front deck:

...Or up against the garage:

... Or just inside the garage door:

...Or strewn perpendicularly across the other boxes:

...Just like this is perfect. Stickers out!

Thank you very much for your assistance in this manner. If you feel you are unable to deliver boxes to my garage as described, please contact me at 306-596-8487 to discuss.

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